Thalby launches first guides on September 6, 2021

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Thalby launches first guides on September 6, 2021

Our first guides

We're very happy to announce that our first guides will launch on September 6, after much work. This is a huge team achievement, and we're super proud to share with you the understanding, depth and insight that the guides deliver. Our first set of guides will include French People and Society and French Culture and Heritage; Italian People and Society and Italian Culture and Heritage; and German People and Society and German Culture and Heritage.

Writers and editors

None of this would be possible without our fantastic writers and editors. For each of our guides, we assemble a team of local journalists, writers, interviewers and researchers who contribute content directly. Our editorial team then shapes and curates. A huge thank you to our Thalby editorial team, and to our writers in France, Germany and Italy for their fantastic insight, hard work and local knowledge! 

You can check out our guides here.

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